4th September 2015
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These top category domain names are some of the most prized Dot Com names available. Premium names get harder to obtain as they get acquired by their industry leaders and domain name investors. Click for more information on descriptive domain names.

They send out the message 'We are the leader of our industry/category' and many get significant traffic from visitors interested in the subject.

For lower cost premium names search by price band with smart search and check out categories.

Platinum Names

A rare chance to own these outstanding category domain names.
Ads.com - Not available.
Printers.com - A "category killer" name. No one in this multi-million dollar industry owns and uses this name... yet. Once printers.com is owned by one of the leading players, it is unlikely the name will ever be on the market again. Send email to check availability.
Camera.com - One of the top keyword domain names available on the market today. Thousands of interested visitors type in this name every month and they just keep coming. Send email to check availability.
Offices.com - A fantastic descriptive domain name just waiting to be developed into a world-beating office rental site. Send email to check availability.
FreeMusicDownloads.com - A hugely popular name with thousands of visitors every month just from type in traffic alone. Out of our 30,000 names this one is our TOP earner - Number 1. Huge upside potential for this, the best name for music downloads. Send email to check availability.
OrganicFood.com - The category name for the huge multi-billion dollar market. Own the name - own category. Send email to check availability.
LowPrices.com - Fantastic name - Own the name that people will go to and remember when they are looking for low prices. The TOP name in the category. Send email to check availability.

Diamond Names

(Click on the headings to change the list order.)
Calories.comCaloriesDiet$825,000  More Info  Purchase 
Motorbikes.comMotorbikesMotorcycles$750,000  More Info  Purchase 
ModelAgency.comModel Agency Fashion (women)$600,000  More Info  Purchase 
Pendants.comPendantsJewelry$400,000  More Info  Purchase 
224.com224Numbers$330,000  More Info  Purchase 
605.com605Numbers$330,000  More Info  Purchase 
Aftershave.comAftershaveCosmetics/Perfume$300,000  More Info  Purchase 
Chauffeurs.comChauffeursAuto rental$250,000  More Info  Purchase 
Hairdressers.comHairdressersHair$225,000  More Info  Purchase 
Bakeries.comBakeriesCooking$200,000  More Info  Purchase 

Gold Names

CashAndCarry.comCash Carry Shopping (general)$180,000  More Info  Purchase 
EmploymentAgency.comEmployment Agency Jobs$175,000  More Info  Purchase 
LearnFrench.comLearn French Language$175,000  More Info  Purchase 
CleaningJobs.comCleaning Jobs Jobs$160,000  More Info  Purchase 
Crisps.comCrispsFood and drink$160,000  More Info  Purchase 
DieselFuel.comDiesel Fuel Autos$160,000  More Info  Purchase 
LearnGerman.comLearn German Language$160,000  More Info  Purchase 
OnlineDiploma.comOnline Diploma Education$150,000  More Info  Purchase 
SlotsGame.comSlots Game Gambling$150,000  More Info  Purchase 
TaxRebate.comTax Rebate Tax$150,000  More Info  Purchase 
Confectionery.comConfectioneryCandy/Confectionary$140,000  More Info  Purchase 
452.com452Numbers$138,000  More Info  Purchase 
492.com492Numbers$138,000  More Info  Purchase 
694.com694Numbers$138,000  More Info  Purchase 
CashRegisters.comCash Registers Business$130,000  More Info  Purchase 
Guesthouses.comGuesthousesHotels$130,000  More Info  Purchase 
CivilEngineers.comCivil Engineers Jobs$125,000  More Info  Purchase 
BoatBuilders.comBoat Builders Boats$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
ChargeCard.comCharge Card Finance$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
Crutches.comCrutchesHealth$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
Disks.comDisksComputer peripherals$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
EmergencyPreparedness.comEmergency Preparedness Business$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
KeyPhrases.comKey Phrases Phrases/Sayings$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
MobilePhoneGames.comMobile Phone Games Games (non-computer)$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
PropertyLottery.comProperty Lottery Gambling$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
RegencyFurniture.comRegency Furniture Furniture$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
SwapLinks.comSwap Links Marketing (internet)$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
WarehouseRacks.comWarehouse Racks Industry$120,000  More Info  Purchase 
CookingGame.comCooking Game Cooking$110,000  More Info  Purchase 
EthanolFuel.comEthanol Fuel Autos$110,000  More Info  Purchase 
HelicopterRentals.comHelicopter Rentals Flights$110,000  More Info  Purchase 
MiniMotorcycle.comMini Motorcycle Motorcycles$110,000  More Info  Purchase 
NuclearFuels.comNuclear Fuels Industry$110,000  More Info  Purchase 
OnlineWarGames.comOnline War Games Games (computer)$110,000  More Info  Purchase 
StudentFinance.comStudent Finance Finance$110,000  More Info  Purchase 
25000.com25000Numbers$100,000  More Info  Purchase 
ChildrensCars.comChildrens Cars Autos$100,000  More Info  Purchase 
CreditChecking.comCredit Checking Credit cards$100,000  More Info  Purchase 
GamesDesign.comGames Design Games (computer)$100,000  More Info  Purchase 
HomeComputers.comHome Computers Personal computers$100,000  More Info  Purchase 
MovieReleases.comMovie Releases Movies/Theater$100,000  More Info  Purchase 
WindPowerPlant.comWind Power Plant Industry$100,000  More Info  Purchase 
YoungDriversInsurance.comYoung Drivers Insurance Insurance$95,000  More Info  Purchase 
BulgariaHotels.comBulgaria Hotels Hotels$90,000  More Info  Purchase 
DentalVeneers.comDental Veneers Health$90,000  More Info  Purchase 
DomainInvestment.comDomain Investment Domain names$90,000  More Info  Purchase 
HouseholdCreditCards.comHousehold Credit Cards Credit cards$90,000  More Info  Purchase 
IceCreams.comIce Creams Food and drink$90,000  More Info  Purchase 
TrackerMortgage.comTracker Mortgage Loans$90,000  More Info  Purchase 
Windscreens.comWindscreensAutos$90,000  More Info  Purchase 
DinetteFurniture.comDinette Furniture Furniture$85,000  More Info  Purchase 
FlapperDresses.comFlapper Dresses Costumes/Uniforms$85,000  More Info  Purchase 
LightSockets.comLight Sockets Consumer electronics$85,000  More Info  Purchase 
MazeGame.comMaze Game Games (non-computer)$85,000  More Info  Purchase 
UsedUtilityTrailers.comUsed Utility Trailers Autos$85,000  More Info  Purchase 
OnlineDiplomas.comOnline Diplomas Education$84,000  More Info  Purchase 
ActingGames.comActing Games Games (non-computer)$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
CrawlerCranes.comCrawler Cranes Industry$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
DetectiveGames.comDetective Games Games (non-computer)$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
DomainNameFund.comDomain Name Fund Domain names$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
DVDRecorders.comDVD Recorders Consumer electronics$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
FatStuff.comFat Stuff Diet$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
HomeComputer.comHome Computer Personal computers$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
MetalCabinets.comMetal Cabinets Office supplies$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
MobilityScooter.comMobility Scooter Motorcycles$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
RugbyGames.comRugby Games Sport$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
RunFlatTires.comRun Flat Tires Autos$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
ScoreOdds.comScore Odds Gambling$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
StandbyGenerator.comStandby Generator Business$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
WaterFuel.comWater Fuel Miscellaneous$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
WholesaleMortgageLenders.comWholesale Mortgage Lenders Loans$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
YardGames.comYard Games Games (non-computer)$80,000  More Info  Purchase 
AdminJobs.comAdmin Jobs Jobs$78,000  More Info  Purchase 
OnlineTextbook.comOnline Textbook Books (textbooks)$75,000  More Info  Purchase 
PassiveInvesting.comPassive Investing Investment$75,000  More Info  Purchase 
WholesaleStationary.comWholesale Stationary Office supplies$75,000  More Info  Purchase 
MedicalOfficeJobs.comMedical Office Jobs Jobs$72,000  More Info  Purchase 
BritishUniversities.comBritish Universities Education$70,000  More Info  Purchase 
DrinkMixer.comDrink Mixer Food and drink$70,000  More Info  Purchase 
FilmGratis.comFilm Gratis Movies/Theater$70,000  More Info  Purchase 
InstalmentLoans.comInstalment Loans Finance$70,000  More Info  Purchase 
MicroVans.comMicro Vans Autos$70,000  More Info  Purchase 
ContourPillows.comContour Pillows Health$65,000  More Info  Purchase 
LinenShirts.comLinen Shirts Clothes$65,000  More Info  Purchase 
PaperRolls.comPaper Rolls Office supplies$65,000  More Info  Purchase 
PortableRamps.comPortable Ramps Safety/Security$65,000  More Info  Purchase 
FishAndChips.comFish Chips Food and drink$64,000  More Info  Purchase 
GoldenOpportunity.comGolden Opportunity Phrases/Sayings$64,000  More Info  Purchase 
SurvivorshipLifeInsurance.comSurvivorship Life Insurance Insurance$64,000  More Info  Purchase 
BuyingADomainName.comBuying Domain Name Domain names$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
CarBeds.comCar Beds Autos$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
CartoonBees.comCartoon Bees Humor/Fun$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
ComplianceInsurance.comCompliance Insurance Insurance$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
ConverterBox.comConverter Box Computer peripherals$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
DiamondEngagementRing.comDiamond Engagement Ring Jewelry$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
DomainNameInvestment.comDomain Name Investment Domain names$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
DVDCamcorders.comDVD Camcorders Photography$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
DVDRecorder.comDVD Recorder Consumer electronics$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
HorseBreeds.comHorse Breeds Horses$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
LivestockHauling.comLivestock Hauling Farming$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
PetOdor.comPet Odor Pets$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
PlowTruck.comPlow Truck Farming$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
PropertyInFrance.comProperty France Property (residential)$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
RegencyFireplaces.comRegency Fireplaces Home furnishings$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
Rucksacks.comRucksacksTravel (luggage)$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
TrafficAgency.comTraffic Agency Internet$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
WinAtBlackjack.comWin Blackjack Gambling$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
WinAtRoulette.comWin Roulette Gambling$60,000  More Info  Purchase 
OfficesToLet.comOffices Let Property (commercial)$56,000  More Info  Purchase 
BudVases.comBud Vases Art$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
CategoryDomainNames.comCategory Domain Names Domain names$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
CategoryDomains.comCategory Domains Domain names$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
DVDPlayers.comDVD Players Consumer electronics$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
FixedRateMortgages.comFixed Rate Mortgages Loans$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
FridgeFreezer.comFridge Freezer Kitchen$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
MarketingOnTheWeb.comMarketing Web Marketing (internet)$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
RingbackRingtones.comRingback Ringtones Telephones (mobile)$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
VinylShed.comVinyl Shed Building$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
WholesaleGiftBoxes.comWholesale Gift Boxes Gifts$55,000  More Info  Purchase 
AirFleets.comAir Fleets Business$52,000  More Info  Purchase 
LaptopPrinter.comLaptop Printer Printers$52,000  More Info  Purchase 
LaptopPrinters.comLaptop Printers Printers$52,000  More Info  Purchase 

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