29th May 2017

Dot Com Domain Names

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Benefits of owning a premium Dot Com name:
  • Prestige. The biggest and best corporations around the world use and promote their websites with a Dot Com extension. Many also own descriptive Dot Com names - claiming the category as theirs.
  • More visitors from type-in traffic. Dot Com is by far the most likely "try out" extension (Direct Navigation).
  • Investment. Should you ever wish to resell there is an established and growing aftermarket in descriptive domain name trading.

Dot Com names are the most significant and effective names available. They tell your clients that you are serious about doing business. They imply that you are the leader in your field and in many cases, the name itself will attract interested visitors to your site.

There are over 100 different name extensions now available (.net, .biz, .org, country extensions, etc.). However there is only one that stands out and is recognised worldwide as the main extension and that is Dot Com. That is why we don't trade in names with any other extension - Dot Com only.

We believe that Dot Com names are incredibly good value at the moment with companies and individuals only just beginning to realise the enormous potential in descriptive Dot Com names.

Find your ideal Dot Com name with the powerful smart search feature, or check a list of available names in your category.

Descriptive Dot Com names are the prime development sites of the web. Get your category Dot Com name before your competitor does. Maybe they already have!

Also see the website DescriptiveDomainNames.com.

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